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The Bowen Technique. HTL

What is Bowen?

The Bowen Technique is a gentle, remedial hands on – hands off therapy that is applied using a series of small moves on the skin, working on the fascia (connective tissue) just below the surface of the skin. The fingers and thumbs are used on precise points of the body to perform ‘Bowen moves’ which are a rolling-type move. This stimulates the muscles and soft tissue of the body sending a signal up to the brain. During the treatment the Client will be left alone in the therapy room for a few minutes at a time. This ‘pause in treatment’ allows the body to respond to the moves already applied.

These pauses in treatment allow the brain to reset, repair, heal and balance itself providing an effective way to deal with the body’s pains – both physical and emotional. I prefer to work directly on the skin, but the moves can be given through light clothing such as t-shirt and loose trousers (absolutely no jeans, tight clothing or lycra)! You will be covered with towels whilst on the therapy couch with only the part of the body being worked on exposed.

It is recommended to have a series of three treatments initially with most people responding within three to four treatments before a break can be taken. Many Clients find it beneficial to have ‘top-up’ or ‘maintenance’ treatments to help prevent or control their original symptoms. The frequency of these visits varies between Clients according to their needs, some have a treatment once a month, others every few months, whichever works best for the Client.

There is no need to wait until pain or stress is felt before booking a bowen treatment. It is widely accepted that Bowen is very relaxing and most people report better sleep after a treatment, making it suitable as a ‘treat’ to yourself.

Very pleased to have completed the Fascia Bowen Course with Jo Wortley on 12 May 2019. Now I have many more lovely relaxing bowen moves to offer my Clients.

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Please Note:
The Bowen Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you are unsure, or have any concerns please consult your GP for advice first.

Where did the Bowen Technique originate from?

Bowen Therapy was named after Thomas Ambrose Bowen who was born in Victoria, Australia in 1916 and was the third child, but only son of William and Norah Bowen who emigrated to Australia from Wolverhampton in the early 1900’s.

Tom worked as a Carpenter at the Geelong Cement Works alongside his father, he was a keen sportsman and a member of the Salvation Army. He began by treating fellow workers for general aches and pains - his reputation for healing grew and he would work in his ‘clinic’ after a full day’s work until well past midnight. Eventually he changed career and worked in Clinic (a rented house in Geelong) helping people full time. He frequently stated his work was a ‘gift from God’.

Tom was profoundly deaf and it was often said that he could take one look at an individual and ‘see’ what was wrong and from where the problem stemmed. He only needed to do a few simple moves, allowing the body to rest for certain periods, before ‘seeing’ that the body had started to change.

In addition to his deafness, Tom also lost a leg through diabetes and walked around his clinic either using a prosthesis, or not, depending on his mood! He lost his second leg just prior to his death.

Tom did not document his work and allowed very few people to watch him. It is understood that only six people were allowed to ‘learn’ Tom’s work by watching him. These six men are responsible for carrying on with the Bowen Technique. Tom continued to work until his death in 1982.

After his death, one of the six men – Ossie Rentsch continued to teach his interpretation of the work that Tom Bowen had shown him and indeed this is the reason that the Bowen Technique has become as widespread around the world as it is today.

Julian Baker is responsible for bringing Bowen therapy to the UK and Europe. He first came across the Bowen Technique when he was living in Australia in 1998 and received treatment for an acute neck injury. He was very impressed with the outcome and undertook rigorous training in the Bowen Technique. He founded the European College of Bowen Studies, later called the College of Bowen Studies (CBS) and this is the College that I trained with in 2017 qualifying in the Technique in 2018.

Tom Ambrose Bowen 1916–1982 - a truly great man and his family should be very proud of his great legacy.

Source: Julian Baker, The Bowen Technique, Corpus Publishing Ltd 2010, Julian Baker, Bowen Unravelled, Lotus Publishing 2013

Who can benefit from a Bowen treatment?

Bowen is so gentle that it is suitable for all age groups from the elderly and very sick to newborn babies, children, physically active or sportsmen and women. It is often used as a preventative measure, to avoid injury - in fact Bear Grylls uses Bowen exactly for this.

My Clinic is based on helping people in chronic pain, or with life limiting conditions such as MS, fibromyalgia, ME, Lupus and other similar disorders, but everyone is welcome here to try a Bowen session and see if it can help you.

I also have a keen interest in working with young babies and children. Bowen is very suitable for children, sessions tend to be alot shorter and take place on the floor, therapy couch, on Mum or Dad's lap, or anywhere that the child is happy. Please bring your child's favourite toy and cuddler. Children usually respond very quickly and know when they have had enough.

Please Note:
The Bowen Technique is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment. If you are unsure, or have any concerns please consult your GP for advice first.

Things we do not do!

We, as Bowen Practitioners, can do many things, but these are the exceptions:-

We do not diagnose – if you are unsure or concerned, please consult your GP for advice

We do not treat specific conditions – Please remember that Bowen Therapy is an ‘holistic’ treatment. We treat the body as a whole and it is your body that knows where you need help or healing. This is why we may not work directly on the area of symptoms. We will try to find the cause (which is often elsewhere in the body) - we can't do this if we are just treating symptoms!

We do not prescribe or alter medication – Please see your GP if you have any concerns around your medication. We work alongside the medical profession to get your body functioning the best it can.

We do not make claims – The Bowen Technique is a very successful treatment for most people, but there are some situations where this may not work and it is impossible to predict this. However, usually symptoms will reduce, if not disappear, and benefit should be felt within three treatments. In the unlikely event that you do not feel any benefit after three treatments, then I would not continue to treat you. Most people find that Bowen is very relaxing and usually notice an improvement in sleep and also in the ability to relax.

It was Hippocrates who stated:
“The body heals itself, the physician is only nature’s assistant.”

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