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The Gut Reset Bootcamp

Now offering a full 30 day Bootcamp, usually starting the first Monday in the month. Combine the 30 day gut reset programme with a Bootcamp which includes live and recorded exercises, meal planner, recipes, guided breathing, yoga, heart math, affirmation and afformations, 'ask & receive', guided meditations, facebook live sessions, very popular Q&A session with Nutritional Therapist, daily journal & planner and many more 'Bootcamper specials'.

Please get in touch if you are interested - click here to visit website - for full details including pricing. Click here to email me to request your special discount code to join the next Bootcamp!
Facebook page - click here to visit Facebook page - for more information.

New 30 Day Gut Reset Programme now available....

Fancy a 30 Day Gut Reset Programme - giving you even more of a potential health boost!
The road to Elite Health starts in your gut, so getting your gut health back in good order is the key to making this happen.
A well balanced microbiome can have enormous benefits and positive knock on to so many of your body's vital systems.
For example did you know that around 70% of your immune system is found in your gut.
Therefore if you have an imbalance within the microbes and bacteria found in your gut then this is going to have a knock on effect on the efficiency of your immune system.
We also have the original 21 day gut reset programme if you think 30 days to is too much - or better still join our new fun Bootcamp, details of which can be found above or in my Blog!
This scientifically tested and backed programme with proven results and a 90 day money back guarantee will reset your gut bacteria and microbiome to levels that will fully support your immune system and give your overall health a massive boost, which is very important in the current climate.
If you would like to find out more about the fantastic 30 & 21 Day Gut Reset Programmes, then please message me for more information and obtain your FREE LIFESTYLE ANALYSIS with absolutely no obligation.

Gut Health. Gut Health cover photo

Web-Shop for Gut Health Products

If you'd like to browse my web-shop for nutritional supplements please follow the link below.

Click here to browse my Web-Shop

You can order any product at any time, but if you would like to order regularly you will get a lower price by enrolling as a 'preferred customer' and setting up Autoship. I can help you do this, so please contact me for more information on this.

Gut Health. Client 'C' Purify results

Client 'C's results from the 21 day Gut Reset Programme

Client 'C' had been struggling during lockdown with colitis and bad food choices had brought back many symptoms she had previously managed well. This had left her feeling fatigued, bloated and low with an unwanted gain in weight.

Fast forward 21 days and these are her full results:-

  • Lost a massive 10lbs!
  • bloating GONE!
  • no longer regularly drinking alcohol
  • mood swings have stabilised
  • massively improved concentration / memory
  • skin has completely cleared
  • sweet cravings GONE!
  • processed food cravings GONE!
  • sleep massive improved
  • no longer feels low or apathy
  • menopausal symptoms greatly improved
  • fingernails growing and no longer brittle
  • now has stamina
  • no longer feels edgy or unable to relax
  • muscle discomfort gone
  • no longer has dry hair - much improvement noticed
  • no longer falls asleep when sitting
  • now feels in control of her life again
  • no longer feels easily irritated or angered
  • does not worry excessively as previously
  • problems with congestion / mucus - disappeared!

    What 'C' has to say:-
    "I have just finished my gut reset programme. When I started I was feeling very low, bloated, uncomfortable and tired with no motivation. I have lost 10lbs in weight - wish I'd taken my measurements to compare! I feel amazing - I am listening to my body more now and recognising what I can and cannot eat to help my colitis - which has settled down nicely. I'm continuing on with a maintenance plan for at least three months to further improve my results. I want to continue feeling this good - I have so much energy, my mood has lifted and I feel really positive.

    I can fully recommend this programme to anyone who has stomach / digestive issues such as colitis - it really has helped me!"

  • Gut Health. Leaky Gut

    Leaky Gut Syndrome

    Have you heard about leaky gut?
    What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?
    Do I have it and if so, what can I do about it?

    Leaky gut syndrome is a digestive condition that affects the lining of the intestines (the gut). The wall of the intestines is only one cell thick and should house tight junctions to allow toxins to pass through the gut and out of the body. In leaky gut syndrome gaps appear in the intestinal walls allowing bacteria and other toxins to pass directly into the bloodstream. Once these toxins are in the bloodstream they are quickly passed all around the body and can literally make you feel quite unwell.

    Many doctors and healthcare professionals do not recognise leaky gut syndrome (LGS) as a diagnosable condition. However, current scientific evidence suggests leaky gut may cause or contribute to a range of medical conditions / symptoms:-

  • Chronic diarrhoea
  • Constipation
  • Bloating
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  • Crohn's Disease
  • Diabetes
  • Coeliac Disease
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Confusion
  • Lethargy
  • Poor memory
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Skin problems such as acne, rashes or eczema
  • Joint pain

    Certain dietary and lifestyle changes can help to improve gut health. This, in turn, can help to reduce leaky gut symptoms.

    The following dietary tips can help to improve gut health:-

  • Eating foods rich in prebiotic fibre, such as vegetables and whole grains
  • Eating more probiotics to boost beneficial gut bacteria
  • Eating less meat, dairy and eggs
  • Avoiding sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • Avoiding all processed foods and drinks

    The attached link will give more information on this - it makes for very interesting reading...Click here to read full article

    My business is all about promoting good physical and mental wellbeing through Bowen therapy (after lockdown), gut health (phone / online and first consultation is FREE) and Reiki.

    Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any of the above symptoms - I may be able to help you to feel better!

    It was Hippocrates who stated that
    "All disease begins in the Gut!"

  • Which programme?

    Have a look at my facebook page Hilary's Therapies to see Client testimonials.

    There is a choice of programmes to follow to improve your gut health - all programs are individually tailored to suit the Client. The most popular programmes being the '21 Day Gut Reset Programme' and the 'V3 (Vital 3) Programme'. However, there are plenty of other products to choose from - all supplements - to help you achieve optimal health.

    Choose from:-

  • Magnesium supplement (capsule form) with apple pectin and prune powder which supports proper electrolyte balance, supports natural energy metabolism, supports muscle function and also supports normal muscle contraction. Very good for heart health.
  • An L-arginine with L-citrulline supplement plus inulin with vitamin C, D3, K, B6 and B12, which contributes to many vital functions in the body including causing blood vessels to expand leading to greater blood flow. This is a patent-pending health & energy supplement
  • A plant based meal replacement shake with pea protein, flaxseed & borage oil. This contains 20g of vegetable protein per serving, essential vitamins & minerals, is gluten free and certified vegan. Comes in a delicious vanilla flavour.
  • Capsule supplement which supports the gut microbiome, contains both pre-biotics, pro-biotics & inulin and supports the digestive system.
  • A patent-pending drink mix that contains psyllium, broccoli, inulin, glutamine, and zinc to support microbiome purification. This is excellent for removing heavy metals from the body and also a good de-toxifier.
  • Omega-3 capsules each contain 1,000 mg of oil sourced from cold water, fatty fish. These mackerel, anchovy, and sardine sources are known to be rich in EPA and DHA unsaturated fats, while being reliably low in contaminants. No after taste as contains natural lemon oil for a better experience. Excellent for eye health.
  • Weight Loss meal replacement shake - in vanilla flavour.
  • For Joint pain relief / flexibility - Fl3x which contains 500mg Glucosamine, 300mg Chondroitin, 125mg MSM and Vitamin C. This is good for preventative injuries to joints in athletes or anyone exercising, but also excellent for those with arthritis or sore, painful and inflamed joints.
  • Vitamin D3 supplement - the UK government recommends that everyone in the UK should take a vitamin D supplement!
  • Collagen (Type 2 - Bovine) - excellent for flexibility in the joints, cartilage and bones, but also helps hair, skin and nails.
  • Collagen Beauty (Marine) - works in conjunction with the above but especially helpful for strong nails, glossy strong and thick hair growth and glowing skin!

    The above is just a sample of the products I offer to support your gut health - please get in touch I offer a FREE consultation on gut health, so what are you waiting for?

    Click here to email me

  • Carol's testimonial

    Carol has had brilliant results from completing the 21 day gut reset programme. Before starting this Carol came to see me struggling with the symptoms of her fibromyalgia, IBS and hot flushes. She was lacking in energy and had restless sleep as well as a painful knee and swelling in her ankles.

    Since completing the programme Carol has renewed vigour, is sleeping restfully through the night and has increased the number of hours she sleeps too.

    Lost a massive 12.5” all over, including 4.75” from her thighs & 2.5” from her hips
    ✅Lost 8lbs
    ✅Headaches GONE - used to be weekly
    ✅IBS GONE - used to be 2-3 times week
    ✅NO more Bloating
    ✅Sinus problems GONE
    ✅No swelling in ankles
    ✅Hot flushes reduced from 30 a day to 10 a day
    ✅All food cravings GONE
    ✅Sleep massively improved
    ✅Wakes feeling energised and ready for the day
    ✅Energy levels massively improved
    ✅Brain fog GONE
    ✅Memory enhanced
    ✅General mobility improved to 9/10 up from 6/10
    ✅General stiffness now at 10/10 up from 4/10
    ✅Knee pain improved to 9/10 from 4/10

    What Carol has to say:
    "I have found the programme easy to follow and I was never hungry. I made sure and will continue to make sure I prepare food in advance so I don’t choose unhealthy options because I’m in a hurry.
    I at first wondered if it was having a placebo effect but the statistics speak for themselves. I will continue with some of the products for approx. a month then see how I go as I know I can do another reset if I feel the need.

    If you would like some help with improving your health like Carol has done, please get in touch with me for a FREE consultation to see if one of our programmes is suitable for you. 😀

    Another happy Client completes 21 day gut reset programme

    Alison has just finished her Purify journey and has got some excellent results:-
    ✅ 9lbs loss
    ✅ over 4" lost on waist
    ✅ over 3" lost on hips
    ✅ 2" lost on chest
    ✅ energy levels up to 9/10 - before was 5/10!
    ✅ blood pressure lowered to low side of normal range
    ✅ stress levels greatly reduced
    ✅ brain fog completely GONE
    ✅ No more sleepiness during afternoons
    ✅ Bloating GONE
    ✅ Acid reflux GONE
    ✅ Abdominal cramps GONE
    ✅ Skin clearer
    What Alison said about the programme:-
    I knew I ate too much sugar in cakes and biscuits, but when that afternoon feeling of hunger hit – it was cake, biscuit or chocolate not the apple on my desk that I went for. After reading a lot of research published on the Gut and how good / bad gut bacteria can have an affect on the body, I decided to look at improving my diet to reduce processed foods and sugar (it’s in everything, and having the start of arthritis – diet is key in reducing inflammation in the body). This programme is a great kick start into doing just that. Yes – the first week of restricted eating can be a challenge, but your body improves; it’s shopping and meal preparation is a must so you always have something you can eat. Having finished the programme I am amazed at what three weeks can do – weight loss is fantastic, but more importantly it’s changed my eating habits, I don’t want cakes, biscuits, chocolate – and that spoon of peanut butter from the jar is definitely a thing of the past. I can walk past the isles of tempting goodies and not be interested or tempted – and that’s a great feeling. I am now on day 26 day - introducing more foods back into my diet and still losing a little weight. I feel amazing, this programme has given me back the choice to eat good quality food again and not crave junk food. If you are thinking of trying this programme – go for it!

    Many ways to improve our Gut microbiome

    There are many ways we can improve the health of our gut. We can increase our immunity by eating the 'right' foods to feed the good bacteria and 'starve' the bad boys, but this takes quite a long time to achieve. I have been working with many Clients over the last few months coaching them to better health by improving their diet and also by using supplements. The supplements I provide are of the highest quality and are all basically 'concentrated foods' - no drugs or chemicals. This speeds up the process of 'feeding' the good bacteria and helping the bad bacteria to 'die off' faster. There are numerous programs I can coach you through from the 21 day gut reset program, which is by far the most popular program today. However, if you are not ready to jump in and commit to a 21 day program there are other ways to kick start your health off in the right direction.

    Please get in touch with me - I can offer a free lifestyle analysis which is a series of questions we can go through to see which of your body's sytems needs the most help and each program is individually tailored to your own needs.

    There is a program for everyone, so if you would like to help yourself back to your best health - please get in touch. The initial consultation for gut health is completely FREE of charge. I will go through a full health history and consultation with you including looking at your current lifestyle and wellbeing. This can include blood pressure, weight, body measurements and pH score - if you are happy for me to go through this with you.

    Please note this is NOT a substitute for proper medical advice - I am not a Doctor, nor do I prescribe or diagnose. You are always advised to contact your GP if you are in any doubt or have any concerns over your health

    Leanne's testimonial - 21 day 'gut reset' programme

    Leanne has just finished her 21 day gut reset programme and has had amazing results. Prior to starting she had very little energy, felt very bloated with swelling in both her hands and feet. She also had IBS and tinnitus.
    Her results are just in and here they are:-
    ✅lost 9lbs
    ✅lost 6.75" (17cms) off waist, hips, upper arms & chest
    ✅IBS - GONE
    ✅Tinnitus - GONE
    ✅Swelling, particularly hands & feet - GONE
    ✅Bloating - much IMPROVED
    ✅Energy levels - massively IMPROVED, particularly in the morning
    ✅Brain fog - lifting
    ✅Skin - much clearer
    ✅General mood - massively IMPROVED
    ✅Headaches - has not had a headache in last 2 weeks - previously had 3 per week!
    ✅Migraines - has not had a migraine since starting our programme - previously had 1 per fortnight.
    Leanne is so pleased with her results, but would like to further help her bloating, so is continuing on with some products to combat this further.
    See the video for what Leanne has to say Click here
    If you would be interested in learning more about this programme, please get in touch...

    21 Day Gut Reset programme

    Early in 2019 I was contacted by another Bowen Therapist who is coaching her Clients through a 21 day microbiome gut reset programme - working closely with their Clients through the programme - with life changing results!

    After researching it and all the products, I decided to give it a go personally to see if it works for me - I would never recommend something to my Clients if I had not been convinced of the effectiveness of it first.

    Anyone who has the following may like to read on:-
    High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, thyroid issues, an autoimmune disease, high levels of inflammation, poor immune system, digestive / bowel issues, anxiety / depression, weight loss issues, brain fog, poor memory, bloating, anyone who has taken a course of anti-biotics (that’s most of us!) and anyone that just ‘doesn’t feel well’.
    On reading further about the 21 day ‘reset’ programme I have learnt that “gut flora has been linked to virtually every process in our body” and “Some of the most striking research is on links between the microbiome and the brain – our whole mental and emotional wellbeing is determined by our microbiome”.

    Another thing that attracted me was the following list from a testimonial of doing the program:-
    IBS symptoms GONE
    Bloating GONE
    Energy levels massively improved
    Brain fog completely GONE
    Arthritis pain almost GONE
    Knee and ankle pain GONE
    Allergic skin reactions STOPPED
    Chest pains GONE
    Stomach pains when eating GONE
    Daily headaches GONE
    Eating foods not previously being able to eat
    Sleeping better, deeper and longer
    Waking up feeling refreshed
    Overall feeling of well-being now 10/10

    The GI tract has its own independently working nervous system, indeed it is even home to 70% of your body’s entire immune system! The gut has also been recognised as the second brain – in fact it is not entirely clear whether it is the brain or the gut which controls everything!

    I am now personally on Day 9 and feeling great - my energy levels have increased massively, my levels of concentration improved, I'm sleeping better and I have lost weight. I intend to put a blog on my web-site of each day - what I've eaten and what I've been feeling like and will start that in the next few days..........

    click here to read my full blog

    Gut Health: Microbiome - otherwise known as Gut bacteria

    "It is estimated that 70% of the body's immune system is located in your gut ie. the gut-associated lymphoid tissue (GALT). This system is supported by your gut microbiome. You may have heard the terms 'good bacteria' and 'bad bacteria'......... it is the proportion, rather than just the type, of each bacteria that is crucial in the biome. Gut bacteria balance is the key to good gut health."
    taken directly from the book 'Gut Well Soon' by Catherine Rogers

    Gut Health: Very clear link between excessive consumption of sugar & cancer

    According to Jenny Phillips, a biochemist, nutritionist, type 4 cancer survivor & author of 'Eat 2 Outsmart Cancer: "all carbohydrate whether from chocolate, buns, carrots, apples or toast - is broken down into glucose (sugar) which is transported in your bloodstream and used by your cells to provide energy. Cancer cells love sugar. They have many more insulin receptors on the cell surface than non-cancer cells and this helps glucose enter the cell, which helps the cancer cell grow. This fact is used to study and locate tumours using MRI's....... so, regulating your sugar intake is essential and a vital step to support your body during treatment and recovery."
    taken directly from the book 'Gut Well Soon' by Catherine Rogers

    Lupus and inbalances in Gut microbiome

    New research out (Feb 2019) Lupus Strongly linked to imbalances in gut biome. Re-balance your gut biome with the 21 day Gut reset program that I have just completed. I am now Day 9 post finishing my program and still feeling great - and still losing abit of weight......
    Click here to read research article

    My Results are overwhelming!

    Read on here for my full BLOG of my own personal experience on the 21 Day Gut Reset program

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