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McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release technique (MSTR)

I qualified in the McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release technique, known as MSTR, in 2019 and offer this treatment to my Clients alongside Bowen and Reiki.

The McLoughlin Scar Tissue Release technique (MSTR) is a lovely gentle therapy that can be used to treat scars, some burns and also plantar fasciitis. This much needed therapy can bring relief to many people who have scars that:-

  • irritate
  • burn
  • tingle
  • are painful
  • are numb
  • are hypersensitive
  • you're just not happy with or any other reason.

    Scars are often a permanent reminder of a very traumatic event, whether the scar is the result of a planned surgical operation or an accident. The body has had a hole cut into it that was not meant to be there and it requires time to heal, not only physically but also emotionally.

    Scars can result in a loss of confidence and many can cause physical problems after healing, such as numbness, tingling and pain. Often the area itches, burns or is hypersensitive. Deep scarring can result in postural distortion, a loss of flexibility and muscle wastage! This, like Bowen, is a very gentle therapy and depending on the size of the scar, treatment takes between 7 and 15 minutes for one pass, which can be repeated after a few minutes break. Usually no more than 3 treatment sessions would be required.

    Scars often hold emotions too, work in this area can bring back memories of the 'event' that caused the scar - such as a knife wound, an accident or mastectomy - and letting go of these emotions is all part of the treatment. Scars of any age can be improved - even a 40yr old C-Section scar can improve with this technique!

    Gentle moves in a set sequence are made over the affected area to give better flexibility, release scar tissue and adhesions below the surface of the skin.

    There are very few practitioners currently offering this therapy in Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, therefore I'm pleased to be able to offer this treatment to all my Clients. Quite often improvements are felt or noticed in the look / feel of the scar immediately after treatment.

    Scars must be healed and a minimum of 8 weeks healing time must be allowed prior to treatment commencing.

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    Reiki Practitioner (Eastern Reiki following Mikao Usui)

    I qualified as a Reiki Practitioner in September 2019 and am pleased to offer Reiki healing at my Clinics in Beck Row and Burwellness on Thursdays.

    Reiki is all about energy - a lovely 'hands-off' relaxing treatment where you can lie back and let the stresses of the day melt away. Listen to some lovely calming music and enjoy a half hour or hour of complete relaxation. Reiki can aid physical recovery as well as heal emotional traumas - in fact Reiki can do whatever you want it to do. There is no need to undress, you will lie on a therapy couch, be covered with a blanket and you are encouraged to completely relax - even fall asleep, that is not a problem! Everybody's experience of Reiki is different - some people see colours, some people feel warmth, some feel tingling and some feel very little other than being relaxed - it is very individual and there is no right or wrong.

    Why not book your first appointment today and set yourself off on a voyage of discovery for a new calmer relaxed you!

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