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I have been working with Synergy Worldwide since 2019 after researching gut health and wanting to improve my own health issues! Since completing my own kickstart programme to improve my gut health - I was hooked. I have now helped many of my Clients get their health back to where they want it to be. The products, all nutritional supplements, are of the very highest quality, all concentrated and potent nutrition - food actually - are truly amazing and often life changing. Frequently Asked Questions They sit so well beside Bowen, Reiki and Scarwork and work synergistically!

The following are a sample of nutritional supplements which are available to order from me:-

  • Omega 3 capsules - great for brain health
  • Vitamin D3 - the UK Government recommends that everyone should now take a Vitamin D3 supplement
  • Collagen+ - this is type 2 Collagen (Bovine) - not only great for skin, hair and nails, but excellent for general flexibility of the joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles. In fact we are currently undertaking a 'Collagen Loading' trial with over 300 people on a private FB group - results obtained so far are very similar to that of botox, but less costly. Botox just targets the area treated whereas Collagen as a supplement targets the whole body! click here if you would like to join our trial - or Collagen Load yourself!
  • Collagen Beauty+, (Marine) especially beneficial to hair, skin, nails & for wound healing - contact me to try out this product - again loading programmes available!
  • Magnesium - most people over the age of 25yrs are deficient in magnesium
  • Probiotic containing bacillus Coagulans and inulin
  • L'arginine with l'citrulline food supplement which is excellent for heart health and circulation, regulating blood pressure - a nobel prize winner for production of nitric oxide in the body!
  • Antioxidant berry drink - 1 daily dose is equivalent to 3kg of berries, excellent for boosting the immune system
  • Peppermint oil drink which helps to keep the body alkaline - excellent for heart burn and acid reflux. Equivalent to eating 1kg of dark green leafy vegetables. Great for anyone who does not like their vegetables, including children from age 2yrs!
  • Natural energy drink which provides energy for up to 4hrs - used by many sports & fitness fans - contains naturally occurring caffeine. This supplement is on the Cologne List of safe substances for elite athletes!

    You are able to purchase direct from my website To visit my online shop for Collagen+ Beauty - click here - or get in touch with me - I do keep some stocks of supplements.


    Collagen is so important for our body. The word Collagen comes from the ancient Greek word 'kolla' which translates to glue - this is perfectly apt as it's function is to hold our body together, like glue, providing firmness and strength.

    Gram for gram, Type 1 Collagen is stronger than steel! If you think of the body as a house, collagen is the walls, the pillars and the joists holding everything together.

    Collagen doesn't just keep you looking better on the outside, it keeps you feeling stronger on the inside too. We lose collagen as a result of poor diet, excessive sun exposure, air pollution and certain genetic dispositions. Also, as part of our ageing process, which starts very early - in our 20's. This leads to a loss of skin firmness and elasticity with lines and wrinkles forming as collagen depletes.

    Bones are made up mostly of collagen which gives them structure and helps to keep them strong. Just as the collagen in your body deteriorates as you age, so does your bone mass. This may lead to conditions such as osteoporosis which is characterised by low bone density and is linked to a higher risk of bone fractures.

    Collagen supplementation can help build existing collagen levels in the skin to boost the body's own production. Despite being found in foods such as egg white, bone broth and chicken skin, the amount required to maintain or rebuild levels can only be gained via supplementation!

    Beware of other collagen products on the market - if it doesn't come with Vitamin C it won't work as well and that is a fact! Some collagen products do not contain any collagen at all - these are often marketed as - Collagen boosting! Most other products have only 400-500mg of active Collagen whilst both of ours have over 5,000gm of active Collagen!

    I offer two types of Collagen product:-

    Collagen+Total Body
    This collagen product is formulated to use hydrolysed collagen this means that the collagen is easily absorbed and repairs our collagen matrix. It is a type 1 and type 2 Bovine collagen - so from cows - and contains a massive 5,800mg of active collagen! Other ingredients are 60mg of Vitamin C, 8mg of Zinc and 9mg Hyaluronic Acid. This collagen is formulated especially for total body benefits and is excellent for repair and rebuilding of tendons, cartilage, ligaments, muscles and bones. Absolute must for anyone who has aches and pains. I have been using this myself for a while now and the difference in my strength and flexibility is very noticeable. I no longer ache or feel stiff after visiting the gym, can do more exercise whilst at the gym and notice no after effects either! I thoroughly recommend this collagen.

    Collagen+ Beauty
    This collagen product is formulated especially for the beauty industry and also uses hydrolysed collagen and so helps to restore and refresh your body's natural collagen supply. Powered by it's beauty-boosting ingredients, Collagen+ Beauty offers increased cellular support of the skin elasticity, hair and nail strength, and more benefits for your overall health and appearance. It is a type 1 Marine collagen, uses Marine peptides - so from fish - and contains 5,000gm of active collagen, 135mg Hyaluronic Acid, 65mg Vitamin C, 5.8mg of Zinc, 54mg of Pomemgranate, 50mg of Resveratrol and 7.5mg of Lycopene. The benefits of this type of collagen is especially targeted at hair, skin, nails and wound healing.

    We have Collagen Loading programmes with 30 day trials which are ongoing. If you are interested in taking part in one of the trials please let me know and we can have a chat about the finer details such as what's involved, timings, costs etc. There is a private group on FB which currently has over 700 members undergoing collage loading of some sort!

    If you would like to try either or both of these collagen products, or indeed try out one of the collagen loading programmes click here.

    To visit my online shop for Collagen+ Total Body - click here
    To visit my online shop for Collagen+ Beauty - click here

    E9 Healthy Energy Drink

    If you are always needing more energy for your busy life - whether for sports activities, to keep up with young children / babies, or with your College / University work, or you just need more energy to get you through the day - then instead of reaching for a can of Coke, or a Red Bull or other readily available energy drinks that fuel you with sugar and caffeine, why not try an E9?

    E9 is an amazing natural energy drink. It is packed full of vitamins and a natural caffeine that can give you sustained energy and mental focus throughout the day. It also contains l'arginine for heart health and inulin for gut health.

    The revolutionary difference between E9 and the chemical based energy drinks you can buy in the shops or see advertised is that E9 helps the body produce energy from the inside, not pump the body full of external, chemical stimulants. This ensures the body stays healthy for longer and removes the nasty 'come down' effect other energy drinks have.

    If you'd like to try E9 a box of 30 sachets is available - one drink costs £1.50 - then click here to email me.

    To visit my online shop, click here


    I find it incredible how many people are sceptical about adding nutritional supplements to their diet, but they can often be found queuing at the Fast Food drive through, scouring the ready meals in the supermarket, taking many prescribed or over the counter medications – often one to counteract the other (believe me, I know as I did this!) or drinking large quantities of alcohol!

    Our diet has changed so much since the 1970’s – it is now all about taste rather than nutrition. One snippet of information I am shocked at is how many shop bought salads would you need today, which would contain the same amount of nutrition as a salad produced in 1970 – it is an astounding 47!!! Why is this?

    During the last 40 years plus, our crops have been sprayed with pesticides, crops are harvested sooner meaning the nutrition has not had the full amount of time to flourish. Crops in the UK are not subject to the rotation programme they were in years gone by meaning that the microbiome of the soil (yes, that has a microbiome too!) is depleted. By not rotating crops, it means that more fields can be planted quickly, harvested quickly and brought to our tables in a record amount of time.

    Have you noticed the difference between the small amount of foods we can all grow in our back gardens, or in an allotment (if you are lucky enough to have one). I have tasted carrots, potatoes and tomatoes in recent years and they are nothing like the shop bought varieties. The sweetness in all these foods is just amazing and has made me realise just how bland our ‘shop bought’ food is – no wonder some refer to it as ‘beige food’.

    Put this together with most food from a supermarket, which tends to come in boxes and is shelf stable i.e. has a long shelf life for example cereals, biscuits, crisps, tinned foods, packaged breads, sauces, cakes and desserts.

    The ‘fresh’ isles in the supermarket have gotten smaller in the last 40 plus years, but this is where the ‘best’ foods are. I try to steer clear of isles with packets, jars, boxes – anything processed really. That way I can at least try to control what I put in my body, but it’s not easy!

    Have a look at a tin, box, packet or jar which you have in your cupboard at home. I bet there is sugar in the list of ingredients – there are over 56 different names for sugar, most ending in ‘ose’ - it’s everywhere – Bread, savoury sauces, cereals – even some that are promoted as ‘healthy’. Potato starch is another ingredient in lots of foods – gravy, stock cubes, sauces and jars. Add to that citric acid and other preservatives all put in to give the food that ‘extra’ taste, or to add longevity to it’s shelf life.

    So what’s the problem with nutritional supplements? Some people say they eat healthily and are careful with their diet to get all the nutrition they need from their food. That is very hard to do nowadays, but yes some people prefer to do this. However, as stated earlier on in this blog – the nutrition of the food we eat today is nowhere near the same as it was in year’s gone by. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids are not as freely available as in previous years and can be easily lost through the cooking process. Therefore, I prefer to research the nutritional supplements I take and add them into my diet to give me the best possible chance of good health.

    Which supplements to choose? There are many out there, some use fillers such as feathers – yes feathers, you read that right! The nutritional supplements I take are made in-house by the Company I buy from – you may be surprised to learn that 85% of all supplements are NOT manufactured by the company that sells them, but by a third party. The company I buy from has the motto “we don’t guess, we test”. Scientifically proven supplements – some with patents – to improve your health. The company is also listed by Forbes in the top 100 most trustworthy companies in the US and has been for the last 14 years! No other networking company is in there – ‘advancing the science of feeling better!’

    This is exactly what I did over 2yrs ago now when I found a company that could provide me with what I needed to improve my health. Starting with a 21 day gut microbiome reset program which propelled me straight up the health continuum towards ‘elite health’. And so my journey began. Initially this was just for my own health – I did not want to add another ‘arm’ onto my business, however after just two months of taking these added health supplements I felt so good that I had to explore the business opportunity.

    Fast forward and here I am – a Bowen Therapist, who loves my work – what can be better than treating people with the gentle, successful, relaxing, relieving of pain, therapy that Bowen is – and having the extra help in the form of nutritional supplements that I know, from first hand experience (and from helping of a lot of my clients now) that can really make a difference to people’s health issues.

    Hippocrates stated all those years ago “All disease begins in the gut”. We now know that isn’t entirely true, but it seems if there is an imbalance in your gut microbiome it doesn’t matter what you do – try to lose weight, regulate your blood pressure, get rid of your migraines, or control your autoimmune disease – things will not entirely resolve themselves until you have addressed your gut issues. It’s true you do not need nutritional supplements to do this – you can make your own fermented foods, cook from scratch, eliminate sugar from your diet (very difficult to succeed at this), but this all takes time.

    By completing the 21 day gut reset program, you can ‘fast track’ and get your body to start healing itself, repairing your microbiome – encouraging the good bacteria to flourish whilst diminishing the ‘bad guys’. This is most definitely NOT a quick fix program, nor will you heal yourself in 21 days – just consider how many years it may have taken for your health to diminish, but it is the building blocks for the foundation of good habits with diet to be taken on, it will help with food and sugar cravings and it will teach you the best foods to have in the house and which foods you should just live without! It is a scientifically proven, safe ‘detox’ programme which can help you lose weight, although it is not designed as a weight loss program – many people do lose weight!

    But it doesn’t end there – we have Omega 3 supplements, Glucosamine & Chondroitin supplements, l’arginine supplement for heart health, Immune boosting supplements, ‘green’ drink supplements for people that do not eat any, or enough, greens – suitable for all ages including children, probiotics, prebiotics and energy drinks to mention a few!

    My own experience of taking anti-inflammatories for over 20 years – along with an antacid to ‘protect’ my stomach – for my arthritis is so similar to others. I did not think I could survive, let alone excel, without these drugs. I had constant pain, but within two months of completing the gut reset program and follow on maintenance plans – I came off all my medication (except thyroxine), my blood pressure normalised and I no longer needed those BP meds, my liver disease – directly caused by my ‘overuse’ of anti-inflammatories and antacids, although not improved, has not deteriorated further. This is the first year for 5 years that it has remained constant and my Consultant was very intrigued with what I had done differently and told me to ‘keep doing’ it! Personally I cannot recommend this program – or the supplements enough.

    If you find yourself in that vicious circle where you have to take more and more pain killers or anti-inflammatories and find that they don't really hit the spot anymore - why don't you give yourself a break? Contact me for a free chat – it certainly can do you no harm - maybe you will find, like me, that you are able to stop all the medications you've been on for years.

    If you want to do some research – and I would certainly encourage you to do your own research, I can point you in the right direction if you are unsure. We often have health talks on Zoom which will tell you more about the gut microbiome and what it can affect if it is not in balance. It will also tell you more about the health supplements I offer to my Clients. There is absolutely no pressure to buy anything, or join anything – but if you or someone you know is not feeling well, please message me for the Zoom link and have a look to see if it is something you would like to further explore.

    Please remember to consult your GP for advice before stopping any medication

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