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If you or anyone you know think you could benefit from undertaking this 21 day gut reset programme, please do get in touch with me - I now have the tools and the knowledge to help coach you through it - anyone that has ever had antibiotics will benefit from doing this and I can certainly personally recommend it now!

21 day 'Gut / Microbiome' reset programme - BLOG of my own personal experience APRIL 2019

The reason I decided to try this ‘gut reset’ programme was because I feel so drained at the end of each day. I have very little energy after 6-7pm and usually if I am at home trying to watch the tv I fall asleep on the sofa by 8 – 9pm. I struggle to concentrate at times and have what I can only describe as ‘brain fog’. I also feel that my body is very ‘sluggish’ and I suffer from bloating which makes me feel really uncomfortable most of the time. If I sit for any length of time, it is a ‘real effort’ to get up and move or walk about. Most of these symptoms I have always put down to the menopause, but here was something I was reading about where other women of my age (also applies to men) were able to alleviate these symptoms by changing their diet to ‘gut friendly’ foods and undertaking this 21 day gut cleansing programme appeared to be giving them a new lease of life. I also have a weight issue and have been diagnosed with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and really needed to do what I can to improve my liver readings which have been getting more elevated each year. I read about this programme ‘changing peoples lives’ and wanted to try it to see if it worked for me. I am also interested in recommending this to Clients, who are experiencing similar symptoms and so needed to experience it for myself first. So please find detailed below my Blog of how this programme went for me. This has been written in the ‘present tense’ as I completed a diary each day. I am now on Day 16.

Day 1 – Sat 27 April
First thing in the morning, I weighed myself and took vital measurements – chest, waist, widest point, top of each thigh & top of each arm and recorded these measurements in a notebook. I’m now having to start to eliminate from my diet for 21 days the following:-

  • Sugar – all added sugar & hidden sugars – checked all food labels
  • Dairy – milk, cream, cheese (my favourite!), butter
  • Gluten – bread, flour and all derivatives – checked all food labels
  • Caffeine – coffee, tea, green tea and all de-caffeinated drinks / products
  • Alcohol – no more G&T’s
  • Potatoes & all starchy / sweet vegetables such as parsnips, sweetcorn & sweet potatoes
  • Rice and other starchy carbohydrates

    I am a little uncertain about whether I am able to do this as it appears that most foods are on the ‘forbidden’ list, but what keeps me going is the thought that it’s only for 21 days – three weeks. The foods I can still eat include all meat (except pork), fish, shellfish, eggs, most fruit (you are given a list) including apples, bananas, oranges, berries, mango, tomato and melon. Also most vegetables are fine including carrots, broccoli, leeks, cabbage, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, mushrooms, all types of onion, celery, lettuce and all salads with no dressing or little olive oil only. For a drink I chose herbal fruit teas – usually I drink green tea, but that has caffeine in it – and water. Luckily I have been drinking water for a couple of years now, so I just have to up the amount as much as I can.

    Today has gone well – I don’t usually eat breakfast (yes I know that’s naughty, but I’ve always struggled to eat before going out to work). So this is not going to be any different – I had carrot and celery sticks mid-morning with some humous and a handful of olives. For lunch I had a banana, an apple and a satsuma. I was expecting to feel hungry but I don’t. I also had to take a supplement at breakfast time and three more supplements with my evening meal. During the afternoon I felt absolutely shattered and so napped on the sofa for an hour or so. Same feeling of no energy and it was an effort to get up and walk the dog. For my evening meal I had seabass cooked in foil with a little olive oil and some lemon juice with ratatouille which my partner made out of courgette, aubergine, red onion, green & orange pepper, tomatoes, carrots, chives, black pepper & garlic. It was absolutely delicious and I don’t feel I have missed out on anything so far.

    During the evening I could not keep my eyes open and ended up going to bed at 10pm feeling absolutely shattered. So far so good – day 1 done and dusted!

    DAY 2 - Sun 28 April
    Woke up at 8.15am with a headache – could be coincidence but think more likely to be lack of caffeine and possibly sugar withdrawal symptoms. Went out to a spa day with my daughter so my mind was taken off the ‘diet’. Had a lovely relaxing treatment there followed by lunch where luckily I was able to choose a ‘compliant’ meal of beetroot with creamed tofu. I’d never had tofu before, but the meal was lovely and I enjoyed it with my soda water! My headache did not disappear until after my lunch, despite drinking a few glasses of water. Again I feel shattered with very little energy, but my stomach does not feel as bloated – nor does it feel empty!
    Once home my headache had lifted and I feel better for a couple of hours, but very quickly the tiredness came back and I had to have a nap on the sofa again for an hour. For tea I ate some chicken – 2 slices from a chicken breast, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, edamame beans and leeks. Took three more supplements.
    I was very tired during the evening and decided to go to bed at 9.30pm as I have an early start tomorrow. Day 2 done and I’ve managed to stick to it – dare I say it, has not felt a hardship at all.

    Day 3 – Mon 29 April
    Very early start today – up at 4am to take my parents to Stansted airport. Again nothing to eat or drink (apart from a glass of water) before I left home. Went straight to work in Thetford and had managed to make some lunch up from last night. For my lunch at work I had some cold chicken and ratatouille left over from last night. I also ate 4 x plums and a handful of almond nuts during the morning. don’t feel as tired today and have more energy, but feel slightly light-headed and a little ‘spaced out’.
    By the time I got home at 5pm my arms and legs are feeling really heavy and aching – feeling like I have the ‘flu’ or something similar coming, but I assume it is down to this programme. For my tea I had mackerel, edamame beans and sugarsnap peas followed by some mango pieces and yeo valley ‘live’ bio yogurt. I am very happy that I have not yet felt hungry since starting this programme.
    Went to bed at 9pm as ‘I don’t feel very well’.

    Day 4 – Tues 30 April
    Terrible night’s sleep last night, woke up on and off a few times and struggled to get back to sleep. Woke up this morning with a full on cold and sore throat. I don’t normally suffer colds or other illnesses so this was a bit of a shock to the system! Once I’m up and about I don’t feel so bad.
    Had lunch with a friend out in Ely – had salad with feta cheese and olives which kept me on track. Then I travelled to Chester for work as I had an all day meeting the following day. The bloating feeling I have had for ‘years’ has more or less gone completely – and I’m only on Day 4, can’t believe it, but very pleased and it gives me lots more motivation to continue. Arriving in Chester at 6pm I booked straight into my hotel and was so lacking in energy that I ordered room service for my meal which consisted of another salad – this time chicken. I also had berries and ‘natural’ yoghurt, which I was unable to check the ingredients so I was just hoping it was sugar free.

    Click here to watch my video blog of Day 5
    Day 5 - Wed 1 May
    Slept really well and woke up this morning at 6am and felt full of energy for the first time in what seems like years. My cold and sore throat symptoms have disappeared! Had a hotel cooked breakfast of 2 x poached eggs, mushrooms and tomatoes.
    Spent the day working and travelled home at 4pm. For my lunch I had a Greek salad with feta (again, but it was all the ‘café’ had that I could eat!).
    Got home at 7.30pm and had some salmon with asparagus and mushrooms. Once more I noted that I have not felt hungry since starting this diet – and actually it had been and is much easier to stick to than I had anticipated. Very long day and felt tired from all the travelling (& work), but still had a bit of energy and stayed up late for me – went to bed at 10.30pm when I ran out of steam. My cold and sore throat seem to be back again! Did a quick video when I got home – I’ve been amazed that I can cut out sugar, gluten, dairy, alcohol & caffeine as well as potatoes and rice – and still feel full and satisfied. I no longer get any cravings for foods I previously ate. Not looking forward to tomorrow when I start the intense period (7 days) and two meals a day are replaced with a vegetable protein shake – eeeecckkkkk.

    Day 6 – Thurs 2 May
    Beginning of the 7 day intense period. Up to now I have eaten normally from the ‘allowed’ list of foods and taken food supplements in the morning and with my evening meal. Now everything is notched up a little. There is another food supplement to take in the morning in the form of a powder which is mixed with water and drunk first thing in the morning and also last thing at night. I didn’t mind the taste – it’s sort of fruity, but it wasn’t the best. Secondly two meals a day are being replaced with a vegetable protein shake – I now have this for breakfast and lunch. You’re encouraged to have a small snack with the shake at breakfast time and so I had 2 plums today. Mid-morning there is another powder food supplement to take which again is mixed with water. This starts to clean your gut out by feeding the good bacteria and getting rid of the bad bacteria. This ‘drink’ I don’t like at all – it’s dark green - I had it mid-morning and again mid-afternoon for this ‘intense’ week. Lunchtime consists of a shake, but no snack – however it is best to have a small snack in the afternoon and so I had a handful of almond nuts.
    Today is the first day that I’ve started to feel better, my aching arms and legs are no longer aching and I’ve woken up with energy again which is great. Spent the whole day at home revising for an anatomy exam this evening! Food wise today I’ve eaten 2 plums with my breakfast shake, a slice of melon with my mid-morning ‘drink’, a hard boiled egg with my afternoon ‘drink’. Went off to Bury St Edmunds for my exam and had my ‘evening meal’ when I returned of 2 slices of chicken, asparagus, carrots and handful of nuts, followed by a banana and a satsuma. Again I have not felt hungry at all. Went to bed at 10.30pm still feeling I had some energy left. The first day of the ‘intense’ week was not too bad at all!

    Day 7 – Fri 3 May
    By this time in the programme my bowels have become ‘regular’ which is a huge plus point for me as I have never been an ‘every day’ person, but now I am just that! That’s another 10 minutes in each day I have to find!!
    Got up early at 6am and feel very chesty with abit of a wheeze. My arms and legs are aching again and it feel’s like I might be coming down with a chest infection. Checked in with my Mentor Jackie and also with the What’s App support group only to learn that this is a common symptom while going through the programme. By 10am I felt much better, less chesty and the wheeze had completely gone although I was left with a cough. Day 2 of the intense week and the shakes and the drinks all tasted much better today than yesterday. I was warned that my taste buds would change relatively quickly during this 21 days and it appears that this is starting to happen now. Had energy all day today – indeed today is the first day that I didn’t have a nap on the sofa in the afternoon which is fantastic news and just what I wanted from this programme. Stayed up late with my partner and didn’t go to bed until mid-night which is unheard of for me. Chuffed!
    Today I ate 2 slices of melon, a Greek salad made up of lettuce, olives, cherry tomatoes, feta cheese. My mid afternoon snack was 2 plums and my evening meal consisted of baked cod, prawns, cauliflower, broccoli, cabbage and leeks.
    This evening I had my very first ‘green poo’ – which was a bit shocking, but when I checked in with the group, yes that’s exactly what happens!!!

    Day 8 – Sat 4 May
    The 3rd day on the intense – woke up at 6.30am absolutely buzzing and had to get up despite going to bed so late last night. Had loads of energy all day and noticed that my jeans were fitting a little easier than of late!
    Had energy all through to bedtime at 11.30pm. What's more all the bloating in my stomach has gone and I feel so much more comfortable. Feel good!! Today I’ve eaten an apple with my breakfast shake, a handful of nuts with my mid-morning drink, a shake for my lunch, humous and celery sticks with my mid afternoon drink and my partner cooked me stuffed mushrooms for my tea with veg and peppers. Had a relaxing day – very cold outside.

    Day 9 – Sun 5 May
    Up early again and raring to go. Drank a lot of water today – more than normal, my body was feeling thirsty. Still have loads of energy – went out looking at wedding venues with my daughter and when they stopped to have a McDonalds Lunch, I refrained!
    Today I’ve eaten 2 plums with my breakfast shake, a banana with my mid morning drink, a shake for my lunch, satsuma with my mid-afternoon drink and for tea we had lamb steaks with ratatouille which was scrummy. Don’t feel I’m missing out at all – still feel full after eating and still haven’t felt hungry for the last 9 days.
    Feeling good still, lots of energy, can think clearer and don’t run out of energy in the evenings which is fab. My bowels still working well and producing green matter daily!!

    Day 10 – Mon 6 May
    Woke at 8am and got up at 9am, bank holiday Monday. Met a friend for ‘coffee’ in the morning – I had a lemon & ginger tea. Still feeling really energised. Had a meal of seabass with brussel sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower and carrots for lunch. Went to do an airport run at 3pm and didn’t get back home until 9pm. Felt tired when I got home and went to bed within an hour.

    Day 11 – Tues 7 May
    Seem to have a few good days and then BAM back to feeling rough again. My arms and legs are aching again. Don’t feel quite so energetic today, abit jaded and yawning in the afternoon so had a lie on the sofa.
    Today I’ve eaten 2 plums, a banana, a slice of melon, six olives, 6 pieces of mango, a slice of salmon, field mushroom, brussel sprouts, edamame beans, courgette and half a red pepper.
    Glad to see the back of today, so went to bed early…

    Day 12 Wed 8 May
    Up early and travelled to London for a work meeting. Last day of the intense period today and due to travelling was unable to have my mid morning and mid afternoon drinks (supplements). Had seabass with salad for my tea. Had much more energy today than yesterday and feel more with it today too.

    Day 13 Thurs 9 May
    The intense 7 day period has finished, but I have some shake powder left so decided to keep having the shake for breakfast for as long as it lasts. I have got used to it now! My arms and legs are aching again and it’s all an effort to get up and moving. Had a restful day at home and felt more energised by the evening.
    Today I had the shake for breakfast with an apple. Mid-morning I had and handful of mixed nuts and a satsuma with some natural yoghurt. This lasted me until tea-time – I still don’t feel hungry which is fab! For tea I made a two egg omelette (rainbow omelette) and topped it with red onion, courgette, aubergine red and green pepper, garlic and mushrooms which I fried in a teaspoon of olive oil first. Yum – it was good.

    Day 14 Friday 10 May
    Very busy day – had a shake for breakfast again. Feel good today with lots of energy. Had a Bowen Client first thing and then went off to Bury for my first ever session of Reiki – wonderful feeling, made me very relaxed and I enjoyed the hour of peaceful calmness. Came home for 1pm as going round to a friend’s this afternoon. Had a banana with carrot sticks, celery sticks & hummous for lunch. In the evening I had haddock and prawns pan fried with broccoli, leeks, orange pepper and edamame beans – very filling. Fell asleep on the sofa this evening and woke up after an hour feeling lethargic and tired. Went to bed. My bowels have stopped working every day again and I feel a little bloated this evening.

    Day 15 Saturday 11 May
    Another busy weekend – on a Bowen course all weekend. I really feel in the swing of eating now, I know what I am eating and I’m happy with it. My body feels better – I don’t eat the volume that I did before and my clothes fit me better. I haven’t weighed myself yet, but will do at the end of the 21 days. My skin is feeling smoother and looking ‘clearer’ – not that I had anything wrong with my skin, so didn’t expect any of these results. I feel happier in myself and feel more motivated to lose my excess weight now.
    I packed myself a lunch up as I knew my colleagues would be shopping at lunch and I wanted to be in charge of what I was eating. I took with me a tub of hummous, some carrot sticks, pepper sticks, cherry tomatoes and cucumber sticks. I also had a banana in case I was hungry. In the evening I went out to celebrate my father’s 85th birthday which was in a steak house. So I had fillet steak, mushrooms (not sure how they were cooked), tomatoes, rocket, cucumber & red onion. I actually could not finish the plateful! Felt energised all day and into the evening. It’s very liberating going out to a restaurant to eat and having a sparkling water and salad whilst all around were having chips and alcohol.

    Day 16 Sunday 12 May
    Had another shake for breakfast and straight off to my Bowen course. Took a banana, handful of almonds, an apple, blueberries and satsuma for my lunch with a small pot of yeo valley natural ‘live’ bio yoghurt.
    Did not feel like cooking a meal this evening so just had some humous with cherry tomatoes and cucumber. Been a tiring weekend so went to bed early.

    Day 17 Monday 13 May
    Feel slightly spaced out today and lightheaded – not sure why, as I slept well. Didn’t eat any breakfast and had a handful of mixed nuts at 11ish. At work all day and very busy so my mind was taken off food and the programme for a while. Noticed that my clothes are fitting slightly more comfortably now. Had cold chicken with cucumber and cherry tomatoes for my lunch. Cooked an omelette with onions and peppers for tea. Noted that my skin feels really clear again and very soft.

    Day 18 Tuesday 14 May
    Looking after both my grandchildren today so a very busy day. Comfortably got into my size 14 jeans which still had the label on and I’d bought in the winter, but had not been able to wear yet. Chuffed. Had the rest of the cold chicken and some olives for lunch followed by fruit with yoghurt – apple satsuma, mango, blackberries, blueberries and strawberries. My partner cooked lamb steaks for tea with asparagus, leeks and onions.

    Day 19 Wednesday 15 May
    Felt very tired again today – lethargic all day. At work today so had handful of mixed nuts, an apple, banana and satsuma for my lunch. Did not feel hungry this evening and couldn’t be bothered to cook so had two hardboiled eggs and humous with carrots and celery.

    Day 20 (penultimate day) Thursday 16 May
    Feel much better and brighter today. Packed the caravan up and left for the north Norfolk Coast. Looking forward to finishing this programme now and I’m absolutely amazed at how different I feel. We went food shopping and I didn’t feel at all attracted to the bread, cakes, chocolates or sweets – that is so different to previously when if I was away, I’d be treating myself to cream cake, chocolate, nice bread, cheese and the such like. I’m really pleased I feel like this – it makes choosing healthy so much easier and I definitely don’t want to go back to eating badly as I don’t want to feel bloated, full and uncomfortable again. I also used to feel hungry all the time and no matter how much I ate (of the wrong stuff!) I still wanted more. Had a lovely walk beside the sea with my dog and went out to a restaurant for our evening meal. For lunch I stuck to fruit as I knew we planned to go out this evening. For dinner I chose pan fried seabass with a Greek salad which was really enjoyable.

    Day 21 (final day!!) Friday 17 May
    Had a cooked breakfast of scrambled eggs and a very small slither of smoked salmon. For lunch my partner had fish and chips – I could not resist and so had a portion of plaice without the batter. For tea I had strawberries, blueberries, banana & natural yoghurt. Going to have to extend the programme until Monday as I can’t weigh myself or take my measurements as we’re away until Sunday.

    I must admit I was a little sceptical of this ‘Purify’ programme prior to doing it – the claims seemed huge and the testimonials were many of ‘life changing results’. I don’t think my results have been particularly ‘life changing’, but I feel tons better than I did. My brain fog has disappeared, I have loads more energy especially in the evenings (although I still do feel tired at times, but I think some of that is down to my busy life style), my bloating has definitely gone, I don’t have any food cravings, I know I have lost weight – but not sure how much until Monday. I’m also very interested to see how many (if any) inches I’ve lost.
    Went to Sheringham Park yesterday to look at the rhododendrons which are all in full bloom - walked for approximately two miles which included 192 steps up to a viewing platform for a tremendous view (better if it hadn't been so misty) over the north Norfolk coast and towards Weybourne. I would have really struggled to walk up 192 steps prior to this - don't get me wrong, I didn't find it easy today either, but I did it and that is an achievement for me. I use a bumbag to carry dog bags and when I put this on today and started to walk - it fell down to the ground. I thought it had broken, but it was just 'too big' for me now - what a great feeling that is. I tightened it up by approximately 2" - very happy!!
    I intend to remain as much as possible sugar, dairy & gluten free, my alcohol consumption has dropped and I have not missed it - therefore for the majority of the time I intend to avoid it. Caffeine - I will probably allow myself one coffee and one green tea a day. Green tea is something I really missed, but I have enjoyed having a red fruit tea and also the lemon & ginger tea I have become quite accustomed to so I would rather drink these hot drinks. I have been much better at drinking water and intend to carry that on as well.

  • My Results are overwhelming!

    INITIAL RESULTS post 17/5/2019
    I have lost 7lbs
    I have also lost 1.5" from my bust, 2" from my waist, 1" from my hips, 1.5" from my upper arms, 1.5" from my upper thighs &.5" from both knees - that is a total of 8" lost in 3 weeks!
    I have NO Bloating
    My energy levels have SOARED
    My skin has improved - it's much clearer and softer
    My nails are growing fast and much stronger
    My menopause symptoms have disappeared
    I have NO food cravings
    I have NO brain fog - that has completely disappeared
    My mental alertness has improved dramatically


    UPDATE: 10 days post completing the 21 day programme - Just wanted to share with you - further results from undertaking the 21 day gut reset - I have now STOPPED taking one of the my blood pressure medications. My BP dropped to low since completing the programme and is currently still on the low side, so visiting GP to see if I can stop taking the other the BP meds!

    Amazing - the programme keeps on giving way after finishing!
    I had no idea that Gut Health was so important to the rest of the body!

    FURTHER UPDATE: 14 days post completion of the 21 day programme (31/5/2019) and I am about to come off ALL my BP medications! I have been on medication for high BP since 2015 with a second lot of meds added in Sept 2018 when my BP registered 210/111 and I was advised not to fly - I was in Turkey on holiday at the time!!!
    My BP is now constantly in the 'low' range (this morning 108/68) and I have been advised to stop taking the meds for a few days and monitor my BP. I am absolutely ecstatic at this news - this is a result I had not even comtemplated - I would urge anyone who has BP problems to certainly give it a go. I am also continuing to lose weight.

    Received the results of my latest liver function blood tests today and I am ecstatic to reveal that for the 1st time in 5 years they have remained at the same level as the previous year! I was a little disappointed initially as I was hoping that I had done enough to improve them somewhat, but my Consultant was amazed that these have stabilised and asked me what I had done differently. The only thing I can think of is the gut reset programme and completely changing my diet. I did a 2nd gut reset in September 2019 and am continuing on with this journey. Furthermore, I have been off all my high blood pressure meds since May!
    I am well pleased and can thoroughly recommend this to anyone who wants / needs to feel better in themselves!

    Please contact me for more information, if you are interested in this - I am more than happy to coach you through it......

    My 'Official' results from the 21 Day Gut Microbiome reset programme

    I just found this on my colleague's face book page:-

    Superb results from Hilary Gurner who has just completed her 21 day microbiome gut reset

    ✅ lost 7lb
    ✅ Lost 8 inches
    ✅ All food cravings GONE
    ✅ Energy levels massively improved
    ✅ No longer falling asleep in the chair at 8pm
    ✅ Brain fog GONE
    ✅ Tinnitus GONE
    ✅ Acid reflux GONE
    ✅ Bloating GONE
    ✅ Regular bowel movements
    ✅ Memory massively improved
    ✅ Overall feeling of well being 10/10
    ✅ NO LONGER very short of breath
    ✅ NO MORE hot flushes
    ✅ Sleep quality massively improved - now feels refreshed every morning
    ✅ Now alert on waking - used to take a while to come round & now gets straight out of bed
    ✅ General stiffness no longer an issue
    ✅ Much more mobile
    ✅ General flexibility massively improved
    ✅ Feeling stronger
    ✅ Feeling happier
    ✅ Feeling less stressed
    ✅ Pain in arms GONE
    ✅ Elbow pain GONE
    ✅ Wrist pain GONE
    ✅ Hand pain GONE
    ✅ Finger pain GONE
    ✅ Neck pain ALMOST GONE
    ✅ Shoulder pain massively improved
    ✅ Wrist pain GONE
    ✅ Back pain ALMOST GONE
    ✅ Sacrum pain ALMOST GONE
    ✅ Hip and knee pains from joint replacements massively improved
    ✅ Ankle pain GONE
    ✅ Feet pain GONE
    ✅ Week legs NO LONGER AN ISSUE
    ✅ Abdominal cramps almost gone

    What Hilary has to say:
    “I’m overwhelmed with these results. Lack of energy was a real problem for me and affecting my work and home life. The uncomfortable feeling in my stomach has gone along with the bloating I suffered. I feel so much better within myself. No more brain fog - just can’t believe how much better I feel.

    Because I've had such amazing results, I've decided to join the team and add this programme to my practice. I believe it will help so many people and I can't wait to get going with it!”

    If you too would like to improve your health like Hilary, get in touch with one of us & we can help 😀

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